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Queensland Fruit Fly

Scientific Name
Bactrocera tryoni
Scientific Author
(Diptera: Tephritidae: Dacinae)
Native Australian Pest Species
Native Australian Pest Species

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Diagnostic Notes

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(Thanks to Ms Charlie Pugsley for providing the live flies.)


Medium sized fruit fly species.  Medium sized black facial spots present; humeral and notopleural calli yellow; mesonotum red-brown with fuscous markings, mesopleural stripe reaching midway between anterior margin of notopleural callus and anterior notopleural. bristle, lateral postsutural vittae present, medial postsutural vitta absent, scutellum yellow.  Wing with a narrow fuscous costal band and broad fuscous anal streak, costal cells fuscous, microtrichia covering second costal cell and outer V2 of first costal cell.  Abdominal terga III-V generally red-brown with a medial and 2 broad lateral longitudinal fuscous bands over all 3 terga and joined along anterior margin of tergum III; paler forms of the abdomen are often present. [From Drew 1989 pg 116]


Diagnostic characteristics:

Supra - alar bristles present. Prescutellar bristles absent. Humeral bristles absent. 2 scutellar bristles. Posterior surstylus lobe of male long. Combined lengths of all antennal segments equal to or less than vertical length of head. Lateral ps vittae present. Costal streak limited to costa - touching R4+5 at margin only. Costal cells cloudy. Humeral calli yellow. Thorax colour generally red/brown with black markings. Mesoontal markings posteriorly with dark basal triangle. Scutellum entirely yellow/pale.


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The adult female is approximately 6 mm long, has a wing expanse of 10 to 12 mm, and has mostly transparent wings marked with brown. The fly is brown marked with yellow. On the thorax a broad creamy, often pale, dorsal band runs down the scutellum, and there is a well-defined narrow pale yellow stripe on each side. The humeri, or shoulders, are pale yellow, also. The abdomen is constricted at the base, flared in the middle, and broadly rounded at the tip, not counting the ovipositor of the female.


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Walker, K.
27/05/2005 04:28 AEST
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Walker, K. (2005) Queensland Fruit Fly (Bactrocera tryoni) Updated on 11/24/2011 8:23:23 AM Available online: PaDIL -
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