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Asiatic pink stem borer

Scientific Name
Sesamia inferens
Scientific Author
(Lepidoptera: Noctuidae: Amphipyrinae)

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Forewing Closeup Ventral View
Bubia, PNG, Oct.1968, C.S. Li, reared from Rice stem.
Amy Carmichael Queensland University of Technology
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Moderately robust moth with pale yellow brown body. The head and thorax have a thick brown hair tuft, the eyes are smooth. The antennae are filiform (long and thin) in the female and pectinate (feather-like) in the male. The wingspan ranges from 28 mm in the male to 35 mm in the female The forewings are fawn to light brown with some scattered dark brown spots throughout, with a diffusely darker central streak (faint purplish red), and darker brown at the margin, grading away basad. The hindwings are almost pure creamy white with light yellow scales along major veins.  The costal process of the valve in the male genitalia is diagnostically curved and serrate, the harpe relatively weak, apically squared.  Genitalia similar to S. grisescens Warren, but S. inferens is smaller in size and body paler.  The species is also quite distinct from S. uniformis Dudgeon (India, China), a species with darker forewings and a costal flange rather than a long spine in the male genitalia.

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Walker, K.
27/05/2005 04:28 AEST
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