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Japanese gypsy moth

Scientific Name
Lymantria dispar japonica
Scientific Author
(Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae)

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Calliteara farenoides
Qld Yeppoon, Sept 1984, D. Holmes
Peter Lillywhite Museum Victoria
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Diagnostic Notes
There are several subspecies and races of Gypsy Moth.

There are:

- The Asian gypsy moth Lymantria dispar dispar race asian

- The European gypsy moth Lymantria dispar dispar race Europe

- and Lymantria dispar japonica the Japanese gypsy moth.

The image shown here are of Lymantria dispar dispar the European gypsy moth.

See reference for Schintlmeister 2004

Male Gypsy moths are brown with a darker brown pattern on their wings. Females are slightly larger and nearly white, with a few dark markings on their wings. Newly hatched caterpillars are black and hairy, later developing a mottled yellow to gray pattern with tufts of bristle like hairs and two rows of blue then red spots on their back.

Adult females from Asian strains (west of the Ural mtns.) of Gypsy moth are capable of flight but European strains are incapable of flight. North American populations originated from Europe. Larvae of Asian strains also tend to grow larger. Because of these differences, eradication is usually directed to be more aggressive during incursions of the Asian strain.


See weblink for: Global Invasive Species Database
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