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erythrina gall wasp

Scientific Name
Quadrastichus erythrinae
Scientific Author
Kim 2004
(Hymenoptera: Eulophidae)
Exotic species - absent from Australia
Exotic species - absent from Australia

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Diagnostic Images

Lateral view - male
USA. Hawaii, Oahu Island, Kakaako, 20 May 2005, R. Heu W. Nagamine ex Erythina variegata (leaf and stem galls). det. John LaSalle 2006
Ken Walker Museums Victoria
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Diagnostic Notes

Female: Length 1.45–1.6 mm. Dark brown with yellow markings. Head yellow, except gena posteriorly brown. Antenna pale brown except scape posteriorly pale. Pronotum dark brown. The mid lobe of mesoscutum with a ‘‘V’’ shaped or inverted triangular dark brown area from anterior margin, the remainder yellow. Scapula yellow. Scutellum, axilla and dorsellum brown to light brown. Propodeum dark brown. Gaster brown. Fore and hind coxae brown. Mid coxa almost pale. Femora mostly brown to light brown. Specimens from Mauritius are generally darker than those from Singapore. Oviposter sheath not protruding, short in dorsal view (Kim Delvare and La Salle 2004).

Male. Length 1.0–1.15 mm. Pale coloration white to pale yellow as opposed to yellow in female. Head and antenna pale. Pronotum dark brown (but in lateral view, only upper half dark brown; lower half yellow to white). Scutellum and dorsellum pale brown. Axilla pale. Propodeum dark brown. Gaster in anterior half pale; remainder dark brown. Legs all pale. Antenna with 4 funicular segments; without the whorl of setae; F1 distinctly shorter than the other segments and slightly transverse; about 1.4 wider than long. Ventral plaque extending 0.4– 0.5 length of scape and placed in apical half. Gaster shorter than female. Genitalia elongate, with digitus about 0.4 length of the long, exserted aedagus (Kim Delvare and La Salle 2004).

Source: See Global Invasive Species Database weblink

Adults are sexually dimorphic. Females are 1.4-1.6 mm. long; dark brown to blackish with pale yellow markings; head yellow except posteriorly brown; pronotum dark brown; mesoscutum with a characteristic triangular dark brown area anteriorly, the rest of the mesoscutum yellow; gaster brown to black; legs yellow with some dark markings.

Males are smaller than females and are 1-1.2 mm. long, pale white to pale yellow; gaster in anterior half pale, rest dark brown; legs entirely pale.

Source: See Florida Pest Alert weblink

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CSIRO, ANIC Canberra
Walker, K.
13/08/2007 01:02 AEST
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