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Giant African Snail

Scientific Name
Achatina fulica
Scientific Author
(Mollusca: Pulmonata: Achatinidae)

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Diagnostic Notes

Achatinidae are a family of snails with large to very large shells (20-230mm in height). They are usually ovate-conic, rarely cylindrical and have variable colour patterns. Coiling is usually dextral, rarely sinistral. The shell is imperforate, sometimes scarcely umbilicate.

There are at least 75 species of the genus Achatina.

The shell of A. fulica is narrowly conic, up to 200mm in length although 50-100 is the average. The shell colour is variable but usually consists of alternating brown and cream (or white) bands. The body is browny-grey in colour.


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Abbott, T. (1989). Compendium of Landshells - A colour guide to more than 2,000 of the World's Terrestrial Shells. American Malacologists.


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