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Grapevine leaf rust

Scientific Name
Phakopsora euvitis
Scientific Author
Y. Ono
Urediniomycetes, Uredinales

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Host Symptoms
Symptoms on grape leaf.
Andrew M. Daly (source: Northern Territory Government, DPIFM, 2005) DPIFM
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Diagnostic Notes

Small dark, angular, necrotic lesions occur on the upper surface of grapevine leaves. On the lower leaf surface, the lesions are covered by sporulating pustules (Weinert et al. 2003). The disease can cause premature defoliation and reduce the fruit quality and yeld (Ono 2000).

The fungus:

P. euvitis is heteroecious and macrocyclic. Uredina on Vitis, hypophyllous, minute, scattered or aggregate in small groups, subepidermal, becoming erumpent, surrounded by cylindrical to weakly incurved, evenly thin-walled or dorsally thick-walled (1.5?4 µm) paraphyses of 30?75 µm high. Urediniospores obovoid, obovoid-ellipsoid or oblong-ellipsoid, 15?29 x 10?18 µm, the wall ca 1.5 µm thick, echinulate with 6 scattered or rarely 4 equatorial germ pores. Telia on Vitis, hypophyllous, crustose, brown to blackish brown, often confluent, subepidermal, applanate. Teliospores more or less regularly arranged in 3?5 layers, oblong to oblong-ellipsoid, 13?32 x 7?13 µm, the wall thin, pale brown at the top layer spore. Basidiospores reinform, 8.2?11.4 x 5?8 µm (Ono 2000).
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Specimen Contact
Dr Jose R. Liberato
Liberato JR, Daly AM & Shivas RG
04/04/2006 09:06 AEST
Last Updated
16/07/2016 10:08 AEST
Liberato JR, Daly AM & Shivas RG (2006) Grapevine leaf rust (Phakopsora euvitis) Updated on 7/16/2016 10:08:47 AM Available online: PaDIL -
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