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Tomato yellow leaf curl virus (TYLCV)

Scientific Name
Tomato yellow leaf curl virus (TYLCV) Begomovirus
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Tomato plant with symptoms of Tomato yellow leaf curl virus
John Thomas Queensland Department of Industries & Fisheries
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Tomato yellow leaf curl virus (TYLCV) is newly introduced to Australia, currently found only in Queensland.


Tomato plants affected with TYLCV grow slowly and become stunted or dwarfed.  Leaflets are rolled upwards and inwards.  Leaves are often bent downwards and are stiff rather than limp as with wilted plants.  The flowers may wither.  Fruit, if produced at all, are small, dry and unsaleable.


TYLCV can be confused with several other tomato conditions such as tomato big bud, tomato yellow top, physiological leaf roll and phosphate and magnesium deficiency.  Tomato big bud can be distinguished because it produces green flowers.  Tomato yellow top virus causes leaflets to be reduced in size and rounded, with yellowish, down-curled or up-curled margins.  Physiological leaf roll due to water stress does not stunt plants and the young expanding leaf tissue is soft rather than rigid.


Phosphate deficiency causes stiff, stunted plants with a purplish tinge and all parts of the plant are reduced in size.  Magnesium deficiency causes yellowing of the interveinal areas of the middle and lower leaves.  With TYLCV, only new growth produced after infection is reduced in size.  As well, phosphate and magnesium deficient plants tend to be more or less evenly distributed throughout a planting, whereas virus-affected plants tend to be distributed randomly or in patches.


TYLCV is transmitted between plants by the silver leaf whitefly, Bemisia tabaci biotype B, which is found in Queensland, New South Wales, Northern Territory and Western Australia.




See Queensland Government DPI&F Factsheet 2006 weblink

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17/05/2006 01:01 AEST
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