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Chrysanthemum thrips

Scientific Name
Thrips nigropilosus
Scientific Author
Uzel, 1895
Thysanoptera, Terebrantia, Thripidae, Thripinae
Exotic Species Establishment in Australia

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Diagnostic Images

Adult females showing variation in colour
Laurence Mound CSIRO
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Diagnostic Notes
Female macropterous, or micropterous with wings shorter than width of thorax; body mainly yellow, with dark setae, abdominal tergites shaded medially; antennal segments III–VII dark brown, II lighter, I white; forewing pale with dark setae. Antennae 7-segmented, III–IV constricted at apex, with short forked sensorium; segment VII slender. Head wider than long, with two pairs of ocellar setae; pair III longer than side of ocellar triangle and arising lateral to fore ocellus; postocular setal pairs I & III shorter than ocellar setae III. Pronotum with two pairs of long posteroangular setae; three pairs of discal setae larger than remaining discal setae, two of these near anterior margin and one near lateral margins. Metanotum with irregular reticulation, median setae arising behind anterior margin; campaniform sensilla absent. Forewing first vein with one to three setae on distal half, second vein with about 10 setae. Tergite II with three lateral marginal setae; median pair of discal setae on II–III at least half as long as median length of tergite; tergite VIII with ctenidia posteromesad to spiracles; posterior margin of VIII with complete comb of long slender microtrichia; pleurotergites without discal setae. Sternite II with two pairs of marginal setae, III–VII with three pairs; sternites without discal setae.
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Desley Tree
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