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Dwarf honey bee

Scientific Name
Apis florea
Scientific Author
(Hymenoptera: Apidae)

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  • Mediterranean Basin
  • Africa
  • South and South-East Asia


Generally confined to warm climates; in the west, the species is present in the warmer parts of Oman, Iran and Pakistan, through the Indian sub-continent and Sri Lanka. It is found as far east as Indonesia, but its primary distribution centre is southeast Asia.


Yanega & Gupta - An Annotated Catalogue to the Bees of the Indian Region -

Range extension to Iraq confirmed in 1990 (Madeli town, 10 km west of the Iraq-Iran border and 150 km east of Baghdad; Colonies were found at Khanaqin, about 60 km north of Mandeli and 10 km west of the border, and at Jalowla, 30 km west of Khanaqin.)

Introduced to the Sudan.

This species occupies a large area that includes rainforests, savannas, subtropical steppes, and semideserts.