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9 results found for Taxonomy: Anamorphic, Status : Exotic Regulated Pest - absent from Australia (0.0192913 seconds)

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Common Name Scientific Name Taxonomy
Coniothyrium stem canker of Eucalyptus Coniothyrium zuluense Anamorphic fungi
Cryptosporiopsis leaf spot Cryptosporiopsis citri anamorphic fungi Ascomycetes
Pitch canker disease of pine Fusarium circinatum Anamorphic fungi
Panama disease of banana Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. cubense Anamorphic fungi (Ascomycetes)
Eucalyptus leaf spot Phaeophleospora destructans Anamorphic fungi
Mal secco disease of citrus Phoma tracheiphila Anamorphic fungi
Sugarcane leaf scorch Stagonospora sacchari Anamorphic fungi
Casuarina blister bark Subramanianospora vesiculosa Anamorphic fungi
Verticillium wilt of cotton Verticillium dahliae Anamorphic fungi

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