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14 results found for Taxonomy: Ascomycetes, Status : Exotic Regulated Pest - absent from Australia (0.0324299 seconds)

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Common Name Scientific Name Taxonomy
Eastern filbert blight Anisogramma anomala Ascomycetes, Valsaceae
Black knot of stone fruits Apiosporina morbosa Ascomycetes, Venturiaceae
Camellia flower blight Ciborinia camelliae Ascomycetes, Sclerotiniaceae
Chestnut blight Cryphonectria parasitica Ascomycetes
Black rot of grape Guignardia bidwellii Ascomycetes, Botryosphaeriaceae
Banana freckle Guignardia musae Ascomycetes, Botryosphaeriaceae
Black-Stain Root Disease Leptographium wageneri Ascomycetes
Rice blast disease Magnaporthe oryzae Ascomycetes, Sordariomycetidae
Brown rot of stone fruit Monilinia spp. Ascomycetes, Sclerotiniaceae
Black sigatoka of banana Mycosphaerella fijiensis Ascomycetes, Mycosphaerellales
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