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Common Name Scientific Name Taxonomy
Alternaria spot Alternaria brassicicola (Ascomycota: Dothideomycetes: Pleosporales: Pleosporaceae)
Cercospora leaf spot Cercospora apii (Ascomycota: Dothideomycetes: Capnodiales: Mycosphaerellaceae)
Nimbya leaf spot Nimbya gomphrenae (Ascomycota: Dothideomycetes: Pleosporales: Pleosporaceae)
Powdery mildew of Sesame Oidium violae (Ascomycota: Ascomycetes: Erysiphales: Erysiphaceae)
Fuller's rose weevil Pantomorus cervinus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Entiminae)
Pseudocercospora leaf spot Pseudocercospora jatrophae (Ascomycota: Dothideomycetes: Capnodiales: Mycosphaerellaceae)
Pseudocercospora leaf spot Pseudocercospora rhinacanthi (Ascomycota: Dothideomycetes: Capnodiales: Mycosphaerellaceae)
Downy mildew of Cucurbitaceae Pseudoperonospora cubensis (Oomycota: Peronosporea: Peronosporales: Peronosporaceae)
Canna rust Puccinia thaliae (Basidiomycota: Pucciniomycetes: Pucciniales: Pucciniaceae)

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