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Southern Purple Azure

Scientific Name
Ogyris genoveva
Scientific Author
(Hewitson, 1853)
(Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae: Theclinae: Ogyrini)

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Lateral egg view (scale bar 0.25 mm)

Diagnostic Notes

**Adult**, Wingspan 47 - 53 mm. Above, male dark violet-purple with narrow black margins; female black with basal areas iridescent bluish-green, FW with a broad cream postmedian patch. Beneath, male grey, FW basal area brown-black with a series of pale iridescent bluish-white bars in cell, HW with bands and markings edged in black; female similar to male but FW with a broad cream postmedian patch and HW with more pronounced markings. **Egg**, disc-shaped, 1.2 mm wide, dark brown with broad grey rings, reticulated pattern of fine hexagonal pits. **Larva**, 32 mm, mature larvae pale yellow and dorsally dull purplish brown, with pale yellow dorsal chevron markings, the lateral edges are scalloped and there are some short peripheral bristly hairs. **Pupa**, 24 mm, smooth, brown or black.